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Press Release - February 2012

America's new direction is small business. And it is never too early to inspire kids to realize the American Dream.

"The Innovative Kids of America Project™"
We all want our kids to succeed in life, and we all know that, unfortunately, schools do not teach even the simplest and most basic economics anymore. So how do we truly excite and inspire our kids and educate them about this Great American Dream? Dianne Linderman, author of the award-winning children's book series, "How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid," has the answer. She is launching one of the most unique and exciting ventures ever and any child age 5 through 18 can participate. "The Innovative Kids of America Project™" is a fun and educational hands-on approach to guiding kids through the steps to starting their very own business, or if they already have a concept, we'll provide them with marketing tools and a location on a busy fairgrounds to sell their wares 

The Great American Fair Industry is where you will find the most innovative, inspired, and old-fashioned entrepreneurs - wholesome families that have been in the business for generations! It is the perfect place for kids to learn what real business is all about! This year Dianne is partnering with this great industry to bring "The Innovative Kids of America Project™" to fairs all over America!

Based on the concept of the old-fashioned lemonade stand, kids will be assigned a small booth within the "Innovative Kids of America™" area and bring their wares - anything from something they produce or create, to something they discovered and want to retail. (Due to health regulations, food or beverages will be excluded.) We will guide them through the process of picking a business name, designing a logo and an inviting booth, and keeping track of their expenses. Kids will keep all of their profits. The whole idea is to take what is natural in children - their entrepreneurial, creative spirit - and give them a place to turn their ideas into reality. Kids will be expected to be professional in their endeavors as we guide them through the process, using the principals so beautifully laid out in Dianne's 20-page business workbook.

Participating fairs are thrilled with the "The Innovative Kids of America Project™" because of its educational value, and who knows? - they could be the launching grounds for our next leaders in business. Learning entrepreneurship at such a young age gives an advantage to kids no matter what they decide to do in their life!! America's new direction is small business. And it is never too early to inspire kids to realize the American Dream.

For more information, an application for a participating fair in your area, and all of the guidelines for "The Innovative Kids of America Project™," please e-mail Dianne, info@innovativekidsofamerica.com See you there!

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